Although there are many different options when choosing a sleeving company for your block, we would like to point out some factors for why you should choose Golden Eagle Mfg. for your engine sleeving needs.

Process - We use precision CNC equipment for sleeve installations; that assures proper tolerances time and time again without any mistakes. We are ISO9002 qualified and MILI45208 certified. No local engine machine shop can even come close to our tolerances!

Reliability - All of our blocks are tested and re-tested to assure the reliability that the customer deserves.

Warranty and Customer Support - We carry the best warranty in the business. Lifetime warranty against sleeve cracking and sinking. We have on hand some of the most educated engine builders in the industry to answer any questions or concerns a customer may have.

Turn Around Time – Our turn around time is second to none. We can usually sleeve and deck your block within 3-4 weeks. If you need it sooner, we offer an express service call for details and availability.

Experience – We have sleeved more blocks than all other sleeving companies COMBINED. We have a proven track record of reliability and performance.

Golden Eagle Mfg. has more experience sleeving 4 cyl aluminum blocks than all other sleeving companies in the market. We have tested and perfected the sleeving process so there are no mistakes. Golden Eagle Mfg. sleeved blocks carry the best warranty and customer support in the business. Our blocks are guaranteed not to leak, sink or mix oil and water, WE GUARANTEE IT! With our precision CNC equipment and military specification tolerances, no one can compete with the quality and reliability available when you get a Golden Eagle Mfg. sleeved block.

Most of the top racers in the Import Drag Racing circuit rely on Golden Eagle Mfg. sleeved blocks to keep them winning and breaking records. Race teams like Team Bergenholtz, Lisa Kubo, BisiMoto Engineering, Eggum Racing, JJ Olson and many others exclusively use Golden Eagle Mfg. sleeved blocks. These teams have no room for error and that is why they rely on us and our proven reputation for their performance engine block needs.

Re-sleeving available for the following engines

B15, B16, B17, B18A/8, B18C
C30, C32
D15, D16
F20, F22, F23
H22, H23
J30, J32, J35
K20, K24
L15 (Honda Fit)

VQ-VR30, VQ35, VQ37, VR38

4B11 2.0L

2ZZ, 2AZ, 2AR

Alpha 1.3/1.5/1.6
Beta 1.6/1.8/2.0 L
Gamma 1.4/1.6 L
Theta 1.8/2.0/2.4 L

EJ20, EJ25

2.0, 2.3




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Honda/Acura B16/17/18 B20(CRV)

Honda K20 K24

Honda D16

Subaru EJ

Porsche M96/97

Ford Ecoboost 2.3

Ford/Mazda Duratec

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