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CHOOSING THE RIGHT ENGINE BUILDER is one of the most important things you can do when building a performance engine. While some builders only think about profit, there are those that rely on the proven performance engine building methods that have kept them in business over the years. Here at Golden Eagle Mfg., we offer the finest engine building on the market. Where others skimp, we simply do what it takes to make the most horse power and provide our customers with the reliability they deserve. We use nothing but the finest engine building techniques and products to supply to our customers. Every engine is a work of art, combining tolerances and engineering with proven performance techniques that will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Every engine is painstakingly measured with Mitutoyo micrometers and bore dial gauges so there is a 100% certainty that the tolerances are right where we, and you, want them. No Plastigauge used here.

All of our engines have a proven performance background and can be custom tailored to your specific needs. We use CAD software to come up with new and radical engine geometries to extract as much HP and torque out of the motor as you can handle. Whether you crave a high revving motor, or a torque monster, we can build it!

Our standard engine building services include:
  • Engine Sleeving
  • Align Boring (ensures the most HP from the motor)
  • Bore & Hone
  • Arias Pistons
  • Brian Crower, Eagle, Manley and Pauter
  • Balancing the Rotating Assembly
  • Crank Sizing
  • Rod Sizing
  • Micro-Polishing the Crank
  • New Rod, Main and Thrust Bearings
  • Step Decking
  • Jet Wash Cleaning
  • Full Blueprinting and Assembly

  • Options Include:
  • Combustion Chamber O-ring
  • Bead Blasting the Block
  • Custom Length Rods in Steel, Aluminum and Titanium
  • Stroker Cranks in Almost any Size
  • Cam Degreeing
  • Clearancing the Block for Massive Stroke Lengths
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