Arias Honda S2000 F20C 87.0mm Pistons


ARIAS 87.0MM 3.425 Bore, Custom 9.0:1 Compression(dish top), 4/set, turbo/nitrous.
-Honda F20C 2.0L - S2000
Special Order please allow 2 weeks delivery

Sport Compact piston stocking kits include:
-Forged pistons with pin fit.
-Wrist pins: High carbon, case-hardened.
-Ring set: chrome or moly faced top, cast 2nd, 3-piece oil.
-Locks: carbon steel wire or spiral.

Piston info:
-Hi-tensile forged, not cast, billet material (4032 or 2618).
-4032: hi silicone aluminum; 2618: non silicon aluminum.
-CNC machined working surfaces.
-Optimized crowns for efficient combustion.
-Diamond-turned ellipsoidal skirt profile.
-All motor/Nitrous pistons feature lightweight, high strength construction.
-Turbo/Nitrous pistons feature durable, heavy-duty design.

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  • Model: S2000

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